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moi...lolita #behindthescenes

#behindthescenes I could not miss out on this challenge... it worked in me for days now and I want to show you "behind the scenes" from 'moi...Lolita' (2016), pigments und coffee on canvas, 80x100

it all started with a beautiful family and their order. Luise wanted me to paint some pictures of their children on wood- as a christmas present for her husband. It was one of my first ordered works (usually I choose what i want to paint) so I was very excited.I met them in a park, 4 gorgeous girls and took photos of them for about 1-2 hours. Than i went through the photos for days- or even weeks...I was so glad it was still summer... then bit by bit the photos started jumping into my eye... it is like I see a motive and in my stomach it is like butterflies are flying and i get really excited and happy. So I started picking the photos one by one and started searching for the right pieces of wood. I love working with wood. It has its own story to tell and when you fit the right motive on the right piece of wood, it tells its own story... so by christmas i had all of them ready and everybody was happy. In the meantime I had started playing around with the wood-paintings and photos i took in autumn.When I go for a run I love to take pictures when something really hits me... so I had this gorgeous photos of a golden autumn and fused them together and made prints of all may paintings for the christmas markets in tübingen. So then there was this one painting that would not let go of me... the girl looking out of the wood in such a coquette way-

In june i started preparing my next exhibition, it had been a while since i worked on canvas and i doubted if i could ever do anything like my paintings before again- if i could be good enough, creative enough, enough enough and started coloring some of the canvases- the idea behind is- like with white paper- it is so difficult to start writing on - so i colored the canvas to have a start - one of them in red. Just with pigments and water. And so it lay around there- looking at me- and i was wondering why the hell i colored a canvas in red, because i love blue and can work with blue but red- i had no idea at all!and i changed places and it moved from room to balcony to room......

then I saw a man playing a trumpet on a roof in a movie and wanted to have that motive on my red canvas..and started.. there i took a video and from that point things moved pretty quickly... every time i know that is the right way I start- then i change whilst doing and out comes something totally different, that i never ever imagined before. So I had this guy playing the trumped - drawn with a pencil on the canvas and thought no... and started to rub it out and again that feeling of: oh yeah! that is what i want to do, he has to be white... so he is sitting on the red canvas and playing his trumpet and the coquette girl comes to my mind and i get the coffee ready and put her on top of the trumpet player... now he plays into her heart... inbetween there is doubting, there is pure excitement and heart beating and butterflies and who needs this es ...and then there is this painting i so much love! moi...lolita. she sits opposite of a bar and watches all the people now ....and next friday she will come back home... if in the meantime nobody falls in love with her and takes her home with them.

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